Post Written By Holly

Honestly, even if you’ve never really gotten into the whole Science Fiction genre of movies, books, or video games, you’re probably still familiar with iconic images like the Star Wars bar, or the taverns and clubs embedded within the Mass Effect series.

So it goes without question that as we hopefully prepare to embark on further space exploration and/or colonization in the midterm future, many of us are hoping to take the locations of fiction into the realm of reality.

But one issue – a pretty big one to be honest – that has always come about when discussing the idea of alcohol in space is the concept of producing the delicious substance(s) away from the confines of Earth.

But now, at last, rest assured knowing that the possibility of distilleries in intergalactic bars and dives is now a step closer to achievement thanks to the work of dedicated scientists devoted to their task beyond all description.

One of the main obstacles will of couse be the production of the base materials needed to create alcohol in the first place; a set of items that includes wheat, barley, hops, potatoes, rice, and several other organic items.

This could easily be achieved, however, through the use of artificial gardens first put together on space stations, special capsules with the necessary water and nutrients ready for use, and eventually on whatever colonies man decides to launch and set up on extraterrestrial worlds.

In terms of actually brewing the substances, however, the processes of fermentation and distillation can get rather tricky due to the need of gravity in order to ensure that the biochemical processes involved with the use of yeast actually work as nature intended them to.

So, without artificial gravity or something of the sort to mimic the original conditions yeast evolved within, scientists may be forced in the future to turn to a type of synthetic chemical or device that would allow for the formation of ethyl alcohol itself.

The same would apply to the distillation process, as the boiling points of alcohol, water, and the very nature of how these liquids work would be severely affected if the gravity was impacted by even a tiny degree.

But, rest assured that the best minds in our world will be able to put their brainpower to work figuring out the best ways to bring the joys of spirits into the final frontier – for without these drinks, man may indeed find space too dull and boring to explore beyond a few brief missions.